Verrazzano Basics

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About the Verrazzano Platform

Verrazzano is an end-to-end enterprise container platform for deploying cloud-native and traditional applications in multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

It is made up of a curated set of open source components – many that you may already use and trust, and some that were written specifically to pull together all of the pieces that make Verrazzano a cohesive and easy to use platform.


In this lab you will learn how to install Verrazzano platform on a single Kubernetes cluster and deploy sample application using Verrazzano concepts.

Bob’s Books sample application consists of three main parts:

  • A back-end “order processing” application, which is a Java EE application with REST services and a very simple JSP UI, which stores data in a MySQL database. This application runs on WebLogic Server.

  • A front-end web store “Robert’s Books”, which is a general book seller. This is implemented as a Helidon microservice, which gets book data from Coherence, uses a Coherence cache store to persist data for the order manager, and has a React web UI.

  • A front-end web store “Bobby’s Books”, which is a specialty children’s book store. This is implemented as a Helidon microservice, which gets book data from a (different) Coherence cache store, interfaces directly with the order manager, and has a JSF web UI running on WebLogic Server.

Estimated Lab Time: 90 minutes

Lab objectives

  • Set up an Oracle Kubernetes Engine instance on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Install and explore the Verrazzano platform
  • Deploy Bob’s Books sample application
  • Modify and redeploy application component

Intended audience

This lab is intended for:

  • Anyone interested in the Verrazzano platform
  • Anyone interested to learn about application development (AppDev)


  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure supports the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11.

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  • July 2021 - Initial version
  • Jan 2022 - Updated for new OSPA standards
Time Limit
4 hours



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