Building an App from a Spreadsheet using Oracle APEX

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Oracle APEX is a low-code application platform for Oracle Database. APEX Application Development, Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW), Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP), and Autonomous JSON Database are fully managed services, pre-integrated and pre-configured with APEX, for rapidly building and deploying modern data-driven applications in Oracle Cloud. Business users, citizen, and application developers can create enterprise apps 20X faster with 100X less code — without having to learn complex web technologies with just a browser. There are many ways in the Oracle Cloud to create APEX workspaces. Through ATP, ADW, directly on, or from the OCI Console in the Developer section. We will use the Developer section in OCI.

This lab will show you how to create a robust APEX application with data imported from a common business spreadsheet. Many customers are wasting enormous amounts of time and energy keeping their business workflows and critical data in unmanageable spreadsheets. It's a common fact, spreadsheets don't scale. What if your customer could create a secure, scalable, multi-user application out of that spreadsheet that could save time and money? That's what you'll be learning in this lab!

Lab Objectives

  • Build a secure, scalable application using uploaded spreadsheet data
  • Improve application by managing and changing the filters through APEX’s powerful faceted search
  • Improve the Interactive Report and form pages to add better usability features
  • Add maps region and install PWA
  • Link pages
  • Build confidence in demonstrating the APEX application to customers!

Intended Audience

  • Cloud sales and engineering
  • Database cloud sales and engineering
  • Database developers


Basic cloud familiarity

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Last Update

  • February 2023
Time Limit
2 hours



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