Oracle Integration Gen 2 (Integration, Process, and Insight)

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The purpose of this lab is to familiarize yourself with the features and functionality of Oracle Integration (OIC) Gen 2 so you can represent the product in customer sessions, deliver demonstrations and develop skills to build proof-of-concept (POC) projects for customers. You will use Oracle Integration Gen 2 (Integration, Process and Insight capabilities) to address the use case challenge by developing an integration and a process automation application. In Lab 1, you will use the Integration component of Oracle Integration (OIC) to build an application integration that will be used in Lab 2 to interact with an Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) database to create a new order based upon an approved order request. Finally, in Lab 3, you will use OIC Insight capability to create an Insight model that will enable business users to collect and monitor metrics for the above business process and integration flow.

Estimated duration is around 4-5 hours. Lab 1 (OIC Application Integration), Lab 2 (OIC Process Automation) and Lab 3 (OIC Insight) are also made available as standalone labs in Luna if you have time constraint to complete all three labs on one go.

Lab Objectives

Upon completion of this Lab you will be able to:

  • Explain the business and technical architectures of the proposed solution for Mama Maggy
  • Build connections using OIC's prebuilt adaptors
  • Use connections to build a new integration that accepts order data via a REST POST and creates a new order row in the ORDERS table in the ATP database
  • Model an order submission and approval process using OIC’s Process component;
  • Create a process application enabling store managers to submit requests and regional managers to approve/disapprove them;
  • Initiate your integration (from Lab 1) from the process model to add a new order to the ATP database;
  • Create an Insight model and associate it to a business process implementation by mapping model milestones to the process;
  • Activate and test the model to view and analyze the business process and integration using dashboards.

Intended Audience

This lab is intended for:

  • Anyone interested in application integration.


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  • March 29, 2022
Time Limit
6 hours



Oracle Sales and Partner Academy